About us

Energy Consulting Services is an innovative upstream provider which specialized in engineering consultancy, laboratory services, chemicals and personnel supply in the Pressure Pumping domain including Cementing, Stimulation and Gravel Pack.
E.C.S.’ management has cumulated over 20 years of experience in the Oil Industry and focuses on advising customers on the fittest technologies and solutions available to answer their onshore and offshore needs. E.C.S. operates worldwide with a strong presence in Central, West Africa and the UK. Our operational experience is your strength.



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Who we are
ECS provides high quality, innovative, reliable solutions to our customers delivered safely by a highly skilled workforce with a view to retaining and growing our portfolio of satisfied, long term international customers.
As a service provider ECS’s people are key to the success of the business.
We value our people highly, each person embodies ECS’s values of safety, innovation, integrity, responsiveness and reliability.

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ECS Vision

Our Vision is to be a mid-sized premier global specialties provider delivering innovative, tailored solutions to win leading positions in targeted high value markets.


Premier means that:

• To our stakeholders, we are agile and quick – consistently exceeding expectations

• We consistently deliver improved financial results – every quarter and every year

• Our employees are empowered, accountable, and enthusiastically focused on growth

• We demonstrate an enduring commitment to continuous improvement – safety, functional and business excellence

Our strategy

Is centred on our four core principles:

• Operational excellence
• Customer intimacy
• Innovation
• Balanced revenue streams

ECS Values


We promote a safety-first culture. We produce products safely and encourage safe working conditions and behaviors.


Our legal, regulatory and ethical behavior is impeccable. We are candid, transparent and respectful.


We own our work and our results. We are committed to development – ourselves and others.


We swiftly and efficiently adapt to changing environments. We make timely, data-driven decisions.