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Energy Consulting Services supplies a thorough product portfolio of oilfield chemical industry.


Pre-Flushes and Spacers

Pre-flushes and spacers are an important step to achieving zonal isolation in a wellbore. For a cement slurry to create a proper and effective bond, the surface of the casing and formation must be clean of drilling fluids. A spacer is used to displace fluid from the annulus, while a pre-flush is used to thin and diffuse any leftover drilling fluid particles. Both pre-flushes and spacers play fundamental roles in effective cementing operations and successful zonal isolation. Our solutions include:

  • Mud displacement pre-flushes and spacers
  • Reactive pre-flushes and spacers
  • Lost Circulation pre-flushes and spacers
  • Pre-flush and spacer additives

Surface Cementing

Surface casing plays an essential role in aquifer protection and well control. This steel pipe casing is positioned inside a drilled wellbore and cemented in place from the bottom to the surface to provide:

  • Aquifer protection and isolation
  • Anchor for blow out preventer (BOP) and other well control equipment
  • Structural integrity to support the remaining casings required
  • Lost circulation prevention

We offer a wide range of cementing solutions, including standard and speciality slurries specifically designed for effective surface casing cementing.

Intermediate Cementing

Intermediate casing involves installing steel pipe inside a drilled well after the surface casing is cemented in place. This procedure provides isolation among formations with high differential pressures for greater wellbore stability. We offer a wide range of cementing solutions, including standard and speciality slurries, specifically designed for intermediate casing.

Cement Plugs

Cement plugs are used in various formations to create a permanent barrier in the wellbore. Cement plugs may be placed in open hole wells when challenges are encountered while drilling, or in cased hole wells after the hydrocarbons have been produced/extracted from the well. We provide both standard and speciality slurries for abandonment, whipstock, well stabilization, and lost circulation cement plug operations.

Remedial/Squeeze Cementing

Wellbore integrity is a crucial part of the oil and gas industry. While primary cementing aims to achieve zonal isolation and aquifer protection, remedial cementing often plays an important role in ensuring and maintaining these benefits over the life of the well. With dedicated crews, specifically designed equipment, and standard and speciality slurries, we provide expert remedial cementing solutions. These include solutions for water shut off, as well as low rate squeeze applications for surface casing vent flow and gas migration challenges.

Specialized remedial techniques include:

  • Bradenhead
  • Retainer
  • Circulation
  • Bullhead

Lost Circulation

Cement that is lost to the formation, called lost circulation, can be an issue before, during and after cementing in some parts of the world. We design and pump speciality slurries and systems for drilling that resolve lost circulation challenges. Our technical team has developed a number of unique systems for resolving lost circulation during and after cementing, and proprietary cement blends that reduce hydrostatic pressure to obtain the required annular wellbore height.


When it comes to improving or restoring production in a well, the best solutions come from a thorough investigation of the problem. Beginning with your formation, wellbore data and available wellbore samples, we gather information and study the issue from all angles. Using state-of-the-art equipment, our expert team designs a fit-for-purpose solution to address the problem and maximize resource recovery.


Acid Fracturing

In acid fracturing, acid-based solutions are injected into formations to etch pathways for oil and gas to flow. Getting the best results takes knowing the right blend. We develop fit-for-purpose additives designed with your formation in mind. Our ability to find the right blend, combined with skilled application, helps you get the most from your treatment and your reservoir.

Crosslinked Water Fracturing

Crosslinked treatments create long, large fractures with high viscosity fluids. The fluid fractures the formation and moves proppant into the cracks to keep them open. With the proppant in place, the fluid loses its viscosity, allowing it to be flowed back, and oil and gas to move more freely.


With a secure supply of high-quality natural sands, resin coated and ceramic proppants, we’re able to design and deliver fracture treatments using the right proppant for your specific well.


Effective sand control requires a precise match between gravel pack products and conditions at the well. Halliburton offers superior gravel pack systems and procedures - and it has the global experience to select the most effective gravel pack applications for a specific project.

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